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Fanfic: To Believe Ch1
Title: To Believe
Author: Zesty/AzureSword
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Genre: adventure, romance, fluff, angst, horror, drama, family/friendship
Starring: ocs, reader, canon
Pairing: Yuri LowellxReader
Rating: 17+
Disclaimer: I do not own you or Tales of Vesperia.
Summary: Everyone has at one point in their lives fantasized about being in another world. Who can blame them? Adventure, love, exotic lands, any fool would give anything for even one of these exciting opportunities!

Still, has anyone ever considered the consequences? Has anyone ever thought that the adventures they obtain by going to another world would be nothing but a plan by someone lurking in the shadows? This tale will reveal everything, why we go to different worlds, how it happens, and why we can not return...

A glance at the clock, a sip of your drink, a glance at your friend, and another glance at the clock. You had been doing this little routine for the past half hour while waiting for your friend to stop flirting with a dark-haired man near the counter. Hopefully, she would either become disinterested with the man, or walk to you with an excited grin, clearly pleased with the outcome of the conversation. Sadly, it was becoming obvious an intervention would be necessary.

'This is ridiculous!' you thought to yourself.

Aiko was the one who ran into here, your workplace, screaming how Sven was 'really going to kill him' and 'we have to hurry'! And knowing your childhood friend she was probably just blowing things out of proportion as usual. And though you knew that, you were worried about your brown-haired friend. Sven wasn't a violent man, he may have been hot-blooded but he wouldn't seek a fight with anyone...with the exception of his father. His father was an alcoholic, gambling-obsessed man who abused his children.

Yourself, Sven, Aiko, and Emma[1] (Sven's little sister) had all reported him to the police and child protection four years ago, but the man managed to convince them that nothing was wrong, and the moment they left he gave Sven and Emma a black eye and nearly broke Emma's arm. Out of fear for his sisters safety, Sven promised his dad that nothing like this would happen again, and since then has tried to figure out ways to get himself and his sister away from their father, so killing him may not be out of the question. Worried about Sven, you opened your messenger bag and got out your mobile to call him.

A series of beeps occurred before you heard a click, and then an angry voice.

"Where in the world ARE you!?"

Taken aback by how loud he was, you held the phone away from your ear until he stopped yelling.

"I'm still at McFarm," you replied. "A local fast food restaurant and internet cafe, a haven for teens, and one of the places where I work. Have you forgot already?"

"How could I forget when you've been there for the past HALF HOUR!? Has Aiko even gotten there yet?"

Looking over at your Asian friend you saw her laugh at something tall, dark, and annoying had said, before jokingly slapping his arm.

"Yeah, my shift ended just as Aiko came here. I changed out of my uniform as fast as I could, grabbed my things, and came out to find her flirting with some wannabe."

"Thanks Ai, you couldn't possibly wait five minutes to get here, let me tell you what's wrong, and THEN you could find someones pants to get in."

You laughed at your friends snarky comment. You couldn't really say anything against that, Aiko was very 'interested' in sex and had many partners in the past. She was currently on the lookout for a new partner because one of her 'largest partners' had gotten a girlfriend, and though she might be a slut she was not anyones mistress. "Don't worry about it, I'll get her right now and head straight to the hideout."

"Thanks, I owe you one," Sven said, sighing in relief.

"No problem," you said while picking up your tray and the empty containers with the McFarm logo plastered all over it. "But this whole thing about you 'killing him' are you really thinking of...?"

"No, no, it doesn't involve my pops. It's something else."

You sighed in relief. The man was getting more difficult lately because it was nearly the time for the anniversary of his divorce. He was much worse around this time of year.

"Okay, I'll get Aiko and head straight over. Want me to get you anything?" you asked, placing your tray on top of a janitors cart after you threw the rubbish into a nearby waste bin.

"Yeah, tell Aiko I want the usual from that Doe guy."

You raised an eyebrow, curious. You've never heard of anyone in Grayold[2] with the name 'Doe'.

"Okay, see you soon." You ended the call and turned off your phone, then walked straight to Aiko.

The man who she was flirting with glanced at you, took one look at your clothes, and sneered. You knew why he did too, I mean, when you're wearing a hooded sweatshirt, fading baggy jeans, scruffy looking sneakers, and, le gasp, glasses, how could you not? Oh wait, you didn't care, thats why. But now you knew why he was after Aiko. Aiko was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that was currently in fashion, tailor-made skinny jeans, and designer boots, and when a guy sees a girl whose obviously got cash to spare, and looks great to boot, there is no way they would pass up the chance to hit on her. Thank goodness Aiko wasn't the everyday slut you read about in trashy novels.

"Hey Ai, time to go!"

"Hm?" The black-haired girl turned to you and smiled. "(Name), it's rude to interrupt a conversation. Can't you be patient?"

The smile she showed you looked innocent, but her eyes clearly said 'I haven't had any in a long time, so back off or I will kick your ass!'. Thank goodness you were immune to death glares. "It's also rude to keep a friend waiting for half an hour, and even ruder to keep two waiting for that long, don't you think?"

Aiko's brown eyes widened and her earlier annoyance was replaced with guilt. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I completely forgot!" She turned to the dark-haired young man. "Sorry, I had an earlier arrangement that completely slipped my mind."

The man looked at her in shock, as if he couldn't believe that a girl like her was friends with an 'un-fashionable' person like you. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, but I can meet you he-"

"Why would you wanna hang out with a slag like her, when you could hang with someone like me!"

Aiko looked at him in shock. "E-excuse me!?"

"Seriously, I could show a much better time than whatever she's got planned. I know a little place where we won't be interrupted while we have... fun." Oh for the love of-how were you supposed to have happy thoughts at your job now that this happened!?

Aiko's eyebrow twitched while she glared at the brain-bleach inducing dumbass. "Well, you can have 'fun' there with some blond, brain-dead bimbo!" The Asian slapped the man, stood on his foot, before finally ending her assault with a swift kick to the nuts.

"Because that's the only kind of person who would hang out with garbage like you!" Aiko yelled, flipping her hair behind her shoulder, and then walking out of the building, while customers starred at the man who held his 'royal jewels' while collapsed on the floor. Now you knew how you could have happythoughts here.

You followed her, leaving McFarm, and running after the angry raven. "Ai, wait up!"

Aiko continued walking, taking long strides to make sure there was going to be a distance between herself and that dick-head. Thankfully, you had longer legs and managed to catch up to the short raven. After you caught up with her, she turned around and glared at you.

"Why aren't you angry!?"

You stared at the Asian before saying, "Angry at what, that skirt-chasing, degenerate? He doesn't matter, that's why."

Aiko hooked her arm with yours and began re-directing you down a nearby street. "Right, it clearly doesn't matter what a hot guy thinks of you at all," She said, sarcastically.

"I saw the way he looked at your clothes, I mean, normally you look good, not as hot as me of course, but still attractive-ish. But today you look as if you're ready to go to a swamp, or a forest, or a... or a..."

"Or a barn in the middle of some abandoned fields?" You asked knowingly with a smirk.

She looked at you in shock, her brown eyes wide. "You knew Sven was gonna do this!?"

You shrugged your shoulders while looking around, you didn't recognize anything in this part of town. "Wasn't it obvious? He's been acting weird all week, I just prepared in advance."

A few years ago, Aiko, Sven, and yourself had a school trip to a nearby towns natural history museum. Sven deemed the trip as boring, convinced Aiko to escape from the group with him, and they proceeded to drag you along with them. After having some 'fun' in the town (read: Sven and Aiko playing pranks while you openly disapproved...while eating some ice cream you bought off of a nearby vendor), Sven had another 'smart' idea, go back home on the bus, sneak into Ai's house, and play some videogames. The result of that idea left your little group lost in the middle of a field. In the middle of a storm.

Trying to find shelter from the wind and rain, you eventually found an abandoned barn, and immediately hid yourselves in there. While trying to get a call through to the school, Sven tried to lighten the heavy mood with some jokes. Already pissed off because you told them both it was a bad idea from the start, you ended up arguing with him, and eventually you hit him, knocking him over. As he fell though, you noticed a bruise on his that looked like it came from being hit with a blunt object.

Aiko stepped in to stop the fight, but when you pointed out the bruise to her, Sven decided it was time to reveal all. His father being abusive, his sister and himself always being afraid, and how he felt useless about his inability to do anything. It was in that barn you and Aiko promised Sven that you would both do anything you could to help him and his sister, and after finally getting home you all decided to use the barn as a hideout, not just somewhere to relax, but where you could trust each other with your secrets. Like what Sven was going to tell you today.

"And you didn't ask him anything!?"

"I tried, but Sven just kept avoiding the question. Besides, you know he'll tell us when he's ready."

Aiko groaned, annoyed. Whether it was at you for not trying harder to help Sven open up, or at the man in question for being so secretive, you didn't know. Speaking of Sven, you remembered his earlier request.

"Hey, Sven wanted 'the usual' from someone named Doe."

Upon the mention of Doe's name, Aiko brightened up. "Really!? That's awesome, I was just thinking of taking you there!"

Aiko suddenly began dragging you (forcefully) towards a nearby shop. The sign outside read 'Doe and Sons, The best Bakers in Grayold since 1958'.Opening the door to the bakery, you immediately noticed that noone was servicing the counter. This didn't bother Aiko who yelled to someone named John to get her Sven's usual, a newbies meal, and her own usual. Soon after, an elderly man using a cane and wearing sunglasses walked out of the back room.

"Hello there Ai, nice to see you again," He said. "Who's your friend?"

Aiko grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. "This is the one i've been telling you about! Ya know, the smart, hard-working, blind-as-a-bat-without-her-glasses girl I mention everytime I come here, say hi (Name)."

Your eyes widened, while you silently cursed Aiko in your mind. "H-hi, nice to meet you..." You responded, shyly, while slightly hiding behind your friend.

The man chuckled, while he pulled out some small rolls of bread from under the counter and placed them in a paper bag. "It's nice to meet you too my dear. Ai told me you were a polite young girl. I'm John, me and my children run this small business, and we're probably doing something right 'cause we're still getting new customers like your young friend here."

"Oh, come on John! Who wouldn't come here when your grandson is such a hottie." Aiko and John both began laughing, leaving you feeling left out... not that you were complaining. Having a strangers attention on you always made you feel uncomfortable.

"Anyway, Here's our famous 'Welcoming Bread' for new customers, and Vennie's favourite. Ai, could you go to the back and check the fridge for three small bags? I made a snack for you and your friends the other day."

"Sure, keep (Name) company till I get back."

The moment that sentence left the young womans mouth, you immediately felt a mix of anger, and complete, utter panic. As she left you could have swore she smirked at you, enjoying your (hopefully well hidden to everyone but your friends) panic, and left you alone with John. John flashed a smile at you and, out of a politeness, you smiled back while you racked your brain for conversation topics. If Sven or Aiko was with you, you would feel calmer, but one was in the middle of a field waiting for you, while the other had abandoned you!

"So, do you have any questions?" he asked.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? It's been raining for the past few weeks, and it's the middle of autumn. There isn't really any point in wearing them, especially indoors." You replied, the moment he finished his question. You knew he probably meant about asking about his bakery, but you were nervous, and when you were nervous you rambled. Curse you shyness!

"Oh, these things?" He said, pointing at them. "I'm blind, I have been since I was ambushed by some punks who mugged me a couple of years back."

"O-oh, I'm so sorry..." You cringed, mentally kicking yourself.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Besides it's a great way to get people to buy from here, especially when I start pretending that I don't know where certain breads are. Wanna buy anything extra?" The man began laughing while you stared at him in shock.

He continued laughing until he noticed his little joke wasn't being laughed at. "Hey, come on. It's funny. If you stay a stick in the mud, your not gonna make many friends."

"Y-yeah, but that's... that's taking advantage of people!"

"Hey, kids took advantage of my eyesight, I don't see why I can't take advantage of what life throws at me," He said, while he reached down and pulled out some more bread, placing them in another bag. "Trust me kid, you'll get farther in life the moment you learn that lesson."

You stared at the man in confusion. W-was he serious...? "J-just because you think you can take advantage like that doesn't mean that you can justify it with some kind of philosophy!"

"Look kid, I'm not trying to 'justify' anything. I'm just saying live your life and have fun doing it, too many people just wallow in despair saying 'I wanted to do this' or 'I want to do that', and people can't just get off their asses and do it, they need someone to do it for them. If it's something minor then it doesn't really matter, but when it's something large they need to stand on their legs. If they can't do that on their own, then they are useless."

You stared at him, shocked that he was so... honest. But it was disturbing, why was he telling you this...?

"I'm baaack!" Aiko sang as she came out of the back room, "Did ya miss me?"

"No, go back in there till we do," He teased, smiling

The two of them laughed while you stood there in shock. Did this guy have moodswings often? Aiko glanced at you, one of her eyebrows raised.

"What's the matter?" She asked. Suddenly her look of confusion changed to one of realization, and she glared at the blind baker. "John, were you making up how you got blind again!?"

"Now Ai, it was just a bit of harmless fun. Can't an old man have that?"

"Not when it terrifies my best friend!"

"Wait, that was a lie!?" You shouted. How could he do that, not just to you but to other people as well!?

"Bah, you kids don't listen to the elderly unless we tell ya something like that," John said. "Besides, who cares how I got blind, it's a good lesson to learn."

"By taking advantage of other peoples feelings!?"

"It's just harmless fun!"

"Yeah, right!" The Dark-haired billionaire rolled her eyes at Mr. Doe, but she soon smiled. "But nevermind him, i've got something that'll cheer you up-FREE CUPCAKES!"

"Hold it, who said they were free!?"

"After terrifying my friend, they had better be free!" Aiko said, glaring at the man.

"Fine, they're free." The baker laughed, holding up his free hand.

"Good, well we have a bus to catch, so see you la-"

"Actually, I have a little form I'd like (Name) to fill," He said pulling a blue piece of paper out of his pocket. "It's a customer review kind of thing, just asking how you liked our food, our service, and the rest. Any chance you could fill it for me?"

You raised an eyebrow, "Why can't Aiko do it? I've never even had your bread."

"Well, Ai here already filled one in, and the more customer reviews we get, the more customers I get. We can just cheat a little about the food, Aiko'll tell you how good they are, won't you dear?" He said, tapping his nose like spy passing a secret message to another spy.

"Sure, I scratch your back, you make me more free cupcakes!"

"Haha, you drive a hard bargain! But your friend has to agree as well, ya know..."

To say you were at a disadvantage to disagree would be an understatement. Aiko had already turned to you and was giving you the 'puppy-dog' look, while John was pouting like a cute (but spoiled) child would pout at their parents after seeing a chocolate cake the size of their head. And despite the fact that it annoyed had a terrible weakness for sweets.

You sighed. "Fine, fine, I'll help! But you owe me one, Doe..."

The man laughed, "Alright, and don't tell me what you want. I already know the perfect gift for you."

"Finally, it's been ages since you called. I almost didn't think you'd come!"

"Sorry about the wait," you said walking over to Sven. "Got you a present, though."

After handing the brunette the paper bag and a cupcake, you sat next to him on the two-seater sofa, while Aiko sat on a recliner, both bought by her so no one would have to sit on the ground.

"Okay Sven," Aiko said, opening her bag. "Explain. NOW."

Sven glanced at the Asian while he ate one of his rolls. He gulped down his bread and said, "Well, I'm gonna need your help Ai."

Aiko raised one of her eyebrows. "Why? Do you need to borrow some money again?"

"Well, yeah. I-"

"NO! Absolutely not!" You yelled, glaring at Sven.

The man had already 'borrowed' enough money from Aiko and all he spent it on were frivolous things. Name a type of laptop, handheld console, or even a type of jPhone, and he probably has it in his black messenger bag (which you suspected was also bought with Aiko's money)! Aiko constantly insisted it was fine, and that you were free to do the same, but if all you or Sven did was depend on her money, then how were you going to stand on your own in the future?

"It's different this time!" Sven defended. "I need the money to buy an apartment."

"An apartment? Wait- is he throwing you-"

"I'm moving out by choice, so calm down." The brunette said, grinning. He enjoyed it when you had a freak-out, but now wasn't the time for one. "Emma and I can't stand living with that bastard anymore. We don't want to leave Grayold, so we looked for some apartments in this area. A handful are available, but we can't afford it, that's why I want to borrow money off of Ai."

Sven turned to look at the dark-haired woman, and stared her straight in the eyes. "I swear I'll pay you back, I'll get a job, a loan, I'll get anything! Please Aiko-"

"Shut. Up."

You and Sven stared at Aiko, shocked. The woman inspected her flawless nails, before looking at Sven, her beautiful brown eyes serious.

"I can't stand begging. It's pathetic, never do it again and you'll get the money. You can pay it back whenever you feel like it... these are the only conditions."

Sven's eyes shined with gratitude. "Thank you SO MUCH!"

Aiko stood from her chair, stretched, threw her rubbish into a nearby wastebin, and began walking out of the barn. "Yeah, yeah, just tell Emma if she gets fed up of living with you, my doors are always open."

Sven smirked and lowered his voice. "Are they the doors to your 'private garden'?" He asked, suavely, walking close behind her.

"No, and don't bother asking if you can enter, 'cause you entered before and I was horrified at your lack of experience!"

You groaned from behind them. "Look, I already heard enough innuendo today, don't make me throw up by bringing up you two and your one night stand!"

"Yeah, we all know the reason why your angry, Vir-gin-ia."

You rolled your eyes as the two of them chuckled in front of you. Just because they both lost their virginity they thought that meant they could tease you till you lost yours. Just because you were the serious one, it didn't mean it bothered you...much. After locking the doors of the barn, the three of you made your way to the bus stop.

"So, what job were you planning to get?" You asked Sven, while walking through the overgrown grass.

"Oh, I was going to work at McFarm. I was hoping you could put in a good word with your boss for me," He said, walking close behind you.

You sighed. "Honestly Sven, can't you do anything on your own?"

"Hey! If our world was easy, like a video games world, then I could've found a job kicking monsters asses!"

"And I could have a harem of very handsome men," Aiko said, dreamily.

"Hey Ai, which world would you go to? I'd go to the world of Gurren Lag-"

As Sven and Aiko talked about fictional worlds, you thought about the brunette and his sister. Depending on where the apartment was they might have a hard time getting to school. In that case, they might have to get a taxi to school and back, and that would soon get them short in the money department. Maybe Aiko could hire them a personal chauffeur/bodyguard, after all, if Sven and Emma's father was pissed off enough to go find them, at school or their apartment, it would be a lot of trouble. It would also be good if Sven got a job, he couldn't depend on Aiko forever.

"Ooh, what about the world of Kingdom Hearts?"

...It would also help if you reminded those two flirts that this was reality. Sure, it sounded fun going to another world, but think about it for a minute. Unlike those characters who always managed to land next to the heroes, think about the possibility of REAL people in those worlds, not all of us could land near a hero, a kind stranger, or the local flower girl. Think of what would happen if we landed with the enemy, at best they kill us on the spot, and you didn't even want to think of what would happen if you landed next to someone like the Desians from Tales of Symphonia. And despite what fanfics tell us, money, weapons, and armour wouldn't show up with the small trade of our math books. Who in their right mind would want those instead of the jPod in our backpack!?

Also, normal people don't learn how to use a sword in a day, it takes long, hard, grueling training to master a weapon, and you doubt all those people would be so heartless as to be neutral when killing other humans. Even though those 'poor' OCs insisted that the fictional world was much better than ours, they forgot to mention that these worlds are often filled with monsters. Characters in-game have an excuse for being fine with that because they grew up in that kind of world, we however have not been taught to fight monsters, their weaknesses, or that they can and will kill us. Without negotiation.

You were passionate about this subject because of the previously mentioned field trip, you were terrified when you were lost, and you were stuck with Aiko, who often falls apart when confronted with wilderness survival. If it wasn't for your brother, who taught you a bit about wilderness survival, and Sven's confidence (before the whole fight with him happened), she probably would've sat on the ground, rocking backwards and forwards till her parents found her... thanks to tracking devices they planted on her. Needless to say, she was piss-huh? You stood still and looked around you.

Surrounding you were tall aspen trees, their leaves a dull yellow, with moss growing at the bottom of the trunks. The trees roots grew out of the ground, intertwining with each other, the ground underneath covered with untouched leaves. The branches grew overhead, the leaves covering you from the sun, giving them an effect that they were glowing. It was beautiful, yet eerie, and you recognized none of it. And that terrified you. Aspens didn't grow near here, though autumn the leaves were just starting to change color, and it had been raining for the past few weeks. This place shouldn't exist, not in this area.

Suddenly, you felt something bump into you, knocking you over with a heavy weight on top of you. Turning around, you came face to face with Sven.

"What the heck are you doing!?" The tall brunette yelled, getting up from on top of you. "Why'd you stop?"

Aiko held out her hand and pulled you up.

"Isn't it obvious?" You asked, brushing the dirt off your clothes.

Looking at both Sven and Aiko you saw they looked confused, so you gestured around yourself. They looked around, and their faces mimicked yours, at first in awe that such a beautiful place existed, then to confusion which soon became realization, that this place was unfamiliar and that it shouldn't be this way if it was near Grayold. Finally horror, that they were lost, and they had no idea where they were.

"O-okay, where are we?" Aiko asked, clearly hoping someone knew the answer. She took the ensuing silence as a no, and began hyperventilating.

"Aiko, stay calm," You said, wrapping an arm around her. "My brother gave me a compass and a lighter, we can find a road with the compass, and the lighter can make a fire. We'll be fine."

Aiko nodded, still breathing heavily. You opened your bag and grabbed the compass, then looked which way it was pointing. Sven was looking over your shoulder, and the moment he saw where the compass was pointing, he walked off. Aiko followed close behind him, pushing you along. The three of you continued on like that for a while, talking about random things just to pass the time. You walked over overgrown tree roots, slipped on the leaves, and had accidentally kicked a stone at Sven, but it seemed you were all walking in circles. Everywhere you walked looked the same, and the only thing that changed was how much darker it was getting, so you were getting worried. Would you have to stay the night here...?

"Um, guys...?" Aiko whispered.

You turned to look at Aiko, and upon seeing her, you immediately ran over to her. Her complexion was pale, she was sweating, and her eyes were bloodshot. She looked seriously ill. She wobbled, trying to walk to you, and almost fell, but Sven caught her in time and held her as she slowly got up.

"I don't feel too good." Aiko's voice sounded strained, and she soon began coughing.

"You don't look so hot, Ai..." Sven looked at the woman, worried. Looking closer at him, he looked pale as well...

"Can we...take...a break?" Aiko asked between coughs.

"Of course, let's rest here..." You replied, feeling a slight pain in your head, and your body felt hot. Why weren't any of you feeling good? You were all fine earlier...

Sven lowered Aiko and rested her against a nearby tree, sitting next to her soon after. You wanted to sit down as well, your body felt weak and you would love nothing more than a good long sleep, but if you felt this bad, and Aiko was clearly feeling worse, then it would be best to call someone. Opening your bag, you looked around for your phone, but because off your headache you soon got irritated when you couldn't find it in its pocket. Where did you put the blasted thing!?

"Sven, let me borrow your phone," You said, giving up the search for your own.

Sven opened his own bag, and, thankfully, managed to have better luck getting his own. You walked over and knelt down near him, and he passed you his phone. Turning it on, you immediately pressed the numbers for Aiko's house, knowing they'd have an idea where you were thanks to the tracking devices they planted on their daughter, and held it to your ear. There were nothing but beeps for a few seconds, but then you heard a 'click' and your hopes rose.

"The number you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please-"

"FUCK!" You ended the call, and began calling your house. Hopefully, your brother was home and would answer.

Glancing at your friends, you saw that they were getting worse. Sven was now coughing, barely stopping to get enough breath in him before he began coughing again, and Aiko was breathing heavily, sweat running down her face while she rested her head on Sven's shoulder. You were still knelling near them, your body aching and tired, begging you to lie on the ground, but you had a feeling if lied down, you wouldn't wake up. Please Ron[3], please be home...

Sadly, the recorded message spoke again, and you began typing your brothers mobile number. The result was the same. You began calling Aiko's parents again, but you stopped mid-way when you saw Sven and Aiko sleeping, both of them looking deathly pale. Immediately forgetting your plan, you began shaking their shoulders, and you became more worried when they wouldn't wake up.

"C-come on! You can't-" You suddenly began coughing, your chest hurting each time you coughed. "Shit, we can'! Ai...Sven...Wake up!"

You continued shaking their shoulders, but it was no use, they still slept while your arms became exhausted from your actions. But you weren't giving up, you continued shaking them, still coughing your lungs out. Their faces were peaceful as they slept, but their skin was too pale, and your arms were so tired that you could only push their shoulders, too light to wake a human from their sleep. Your body was now utterly exhausted, and you collapsed on the ground next them, weakly calling their names.

"Please...wake...up." You begged, your voice not even a whisper.

Your eyes began tearing up, fearing the worse for yourself and your friends. Slowly, you reached out for Sven's hand, but you were too far to touch him, and then, giving up, you closed your eyes. You were so tired, your body so relieved at the idea of rest, that the moment you closed your eyes you were asleep.

A few moments later, a figure walked towards you. They placed their hand on your forehead, and upon feeling how cool it was, they nodded, satisfied, and proceded to do the same the other teenagers.

"From what I can tell," Said the figure. "The first one who felt the effects of the poison was the short girl, and the last was the glasses wearing child."

The figure walked towards you and stroked your face, gently brushing a strand of hair out of your face. The figure smiled. Finally, after all this time, he had what, no, who he needed!

"You'll be perfect for this, I know you will." They said, softly. "Now, rest well, my precious child...this will be your last chance to have such a wonderful dream, for what will happen when you wake, will be a path filled with nightmares..."

[1] Pronounced 'E-mah'

[2] Grayold is a (fictional) town where Sven, Aiko, and the reader grew up in. It's small, so the reader knows almost everything about it.

[3] Your brother.

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Fanfic: My Rainbow Girl Chapter 3: Wheatley

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Space. If there was one way to describe space Wheatley would have to describe it as... gloomy. It was dark, silent, and not a lot of variety. Granted, there are planets, but when you are stuck in a hole on an asteroid you don't really try to find beauty in what you see every second. Especially when you start thinking you could be sucked into a black hole, or burned until all that's left is some former fragments that somehow managed to survive the experience. Why was he designed to have such a pessimistic mind?

Still, there was one thing that was nice. Something that actually distracted him from the thoughts of being stuck and seeing the same thing forever.

"Now, what do we do today?"

Ahh, there came the wonderful voice, a voice that belonged to a girl inside a screen. The screen was pulled out with him to space when he was inside the mainframe of that facility he worked at; it originally just showed nothing until one day she appeared from it. The sphere was glad to have something to talk, see, and hear while he was trapped in this vast, dark place.

He was shocked when she didn't reply, but that didn't matter, the girl talked about anything and everything, so he had a lot to listen to. She talked about her drawings, her games, anything and everything on her mind. Honestly, everyone back at the facility called him a chatterbox, what would they call this human who talked non-stop?


Okay, that might have been a little biased. But what would you call the one thing that kept you sane, the one thing that every day you looked forward to hearing, seeing, being near every moment you could? Wheatley didn't care that she couldn't hear him, she could do enough just by being there, floating in this darkness with him. Not once did anything she say repeat itself, everything she said was different from the day before, always changing. Many humans would have complained about her jumping from one topic to another, but not him, no, he became fond of her because of her love of variety.

Because when everything in front of you looks the same, when everything you hear is no different from what you heard the day before...a single voice, one never heard before, can make even seeing the dull darkness around him seem like the most wonderful place anywhere. Chell had her freedom, what she had yearned for since before he even met her, GLaDOS had her facility, and Wheatley? Wheatley had found something that made him feel that, maybe, even though he was trapped here, he had one thing that really mattered to him. More than freedom, more than any facility in the universe could give to him, he had a companion. And that girl alone made him feel like he was the luckiest sphere that had ever existed.

Dere Guide: Yandere Basics

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters/anime/games/manga that are mentioned in this guide.


Hi there! I would like to thank you for reading this guide about 'Deres', and I hope you will find this useful.

There are many kinds of Deres, and they can all be portrayed differently. Considering there are many sides to Dere characters I am beginning with the simplest form of these characters first, the basics. For now, let's start with Basic Yandere.

1. What is a Yandere?

A Yandere is a character who is obsessed with their Love Interest (which shall be shortened to 'LI'). This is not noticeable at first, their Dere side being their default state in front of many people, but don't let that deceive you, they can and will do anything for their LI. They are very unstable characters who will stalk, kidnap, and even murder because of their obsession with the LI, which should be no surprise, after all the name is derived of the japanese words 'yanderu' meaning a mental or emotional illness and 'deredere' meaning to show affection. As far as they are concerned their LI's word is law, and they will follow these laws dutifully, perfectly, and obsessively, this devotion is one of their ways of affection. Nothing will stop them from being with their LI, and if you even think of getting in between them you better start saying your prayers, because chances are you won't live long...

2. How do I know if someone is a Yandere?

That's a bit tough, as I said a Yanderes default state is their Dere side, they are not going to start murdering people in front of your eyes. They act like the everyday Nice Guy, they'll walk old ladies across the street, make lunches for you and your friends, help you with your homework. The best way to know if someone is a Yandere is by being their LI, they will be more careful about showing their Yan side in front of them, but if the LI happens to fall for someone or they're in danger, the Yandere will immediately start snapping necks.

For example, let's say the LI was hit by a car and left for dead, the Yandere can go two ways here. They'll either become obsessed with the LI and their safety, or they'll become obsessed with killing the one who did this atrocity. Either way the Yandere has now 'snapped', and will not stop until they are certain the LI is safe. More of this will be explained in the Protective Yandere chapter, but for now let's carry on with the basics.

A Yandere will always hold their loved one first and will want to be the person most important to them. If something seems to take their LI's attention away, whether it's a human or an animal, they will respond by hurting, tormenting, and even killing what now has the LI's affection. To the Yandere, the LI should only focus on them and them alone, if the LI's gaze happens to wander to something else, even if the gaze is innocent, this one they focus on has already done something that requires punishment in the Yanderes eyes. And don't even think of hurting the LI, even making them cry can be equivalent to murder in the Yanderes eyes, and what they do to you will be even worse...

3. Could you give us examples of a Basic Yandere?

A perfect example of a Basic Yandere is Suzuya from Starry Sky in Spring. He is kind to people, often cooks for his friends, and is Yandere for Tsukiko. This is shown in his behavior, whenever Tsukiko is in danger, Suzuya will be there to help her. Always. In game, Suzuya describes his relationship to Tsukiko as the relationship between the Moon and the Earth.

'I'm the Moon and you're the Earth. That way I will always be able to watch over you by your side.'

This relationship can also be likened to many Yanderes and their LIs, the Yandere will be beside the LI, watch over them, and will almost always desire for the LI to remain the way they are, like the Moon constantly rotating around the Earth, never changing. Suzuya's devotion to Tsukiko is often shown in-game, whenever and wherever she is he will be there to help. He is also protective of her, at two points in the game he immediately drops whatever he is doing to come to her aid, and the outcomes of these situations leave their impression on those around him. Because Starry Sky is a light-hearted game, Suzuya's Yandere status is amazingly light and he is a mentally stable character, but he is definitely a Yandere, he is just more subtle about letting it show.

Another example is the Riku Replica from Kingdom Hearts, who shall be referred to as Repliku for the rest of this section. Repliku is obsessed with protecting Namine, and he no longer has any feelings for Sora. He constantly tells Sora that himself and Namine don't need him and are sick of seeing his face. However, Sora believes that he made a promise to protect Namine, and Sora is going to keep that promise AND get (who he believes to be) Riku to come back to Destiny Islands with him. Repliku on the other hand...well, here are some quotes.

'Go home Sora, I'll care for Naminé. Anyone who goes near her...GOES THROUGH ME!'

'You're not the one who's meant to protect Naminé, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE ME!'

Once again, this Yandere is devoted to his LI, and he is not about to let even his childhood friend get in the way of that. Yanderes will give up and get rid of anything and everything that gets in the way of themselves and their LI, and even Repliku shows this by rejecting Sora at every turn, even trying to kill him just to keep Namine safe. No one is going to stop him from doing this, Namine is all that matters and nothing will sway him from his feelings. Namine will be safe, and if anything is hurting her Repliku will make it go away.

'I remembered it Sora, I now know the one thing that is important to me. Protecting Namine! Nothing else matters, not a thing.'

4. How hard is it to write a Yandere?

It depends, everyone has certain character types that they can write easily and character types that they don't know how to write, yet I have noticed that many people have accidentally written a subtype of the Yandere, the Crazy Protective Boyfriend.

Raise your hand if you have seen a canon character being obsessed, protective, and absolutely adore an OC in a fanfic, because I have seen many of them in fan fiction and these are a subtype to a Yandere. The difference being that the Crazy Protective Boyfriend openly shows their feelings AND their actions in front of their LI, whereas a Yandere hides their feelings underneath a mask of happiness and kindness, taking great care that no one knows how they really feel, especially the LI. If they start showing their psychotic side it will only be to kill whatever has been hurting the LI (emotionally, physically or mentally), or if they are having a breakdown.

Think of a Yandere as a mask, we use masks to hide our face from others, and a Yandere wears a mask of kindness to hide their insanity. Outwardly they will appear as the normal everyday Knight in Shining Armor, inwardly they will be planning everything to please and protect the LI, and will also carefully plan to harm anyone who has done a misdeed to/has the attention of the LI. Think of how the Yandere is with people and in private, how they would react to important events, what they do in their daily lives. Is it always about and for the LI or do they have some other things they like doing? Are they in a club because they enjoy it or because the LI is in that club? They are complicated, but once you get the hang of them they can spice up the plot of your story in amazing ways.

Writer's Block: Tea for two

If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

First question listed was submitted by dreadfulpenny00. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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I would hang out with Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, and we would play videogames all day, or whatever he wanted to do, after all, this is probably my only chance to meet him! Then (if I could) I would follow him back to Terca Lumireis to start a new adventure there, hopefully with him as a partner!

Fanfic: Another Day, Another Life Ch1-Routine
Pairing: One-sided UkyoxReader
Rating: 15+
Disclaimer: I don't own any anime, manga, videogames, etc.

How long had Ukyo gone through this routine? One, two...maybe three years.

He sat there, on a seat near the windows, watching you. You were smiling at a customer, greating them with this worlds Waka's official catchphrase, and you led them to a nearby seat while taking their order. He had already ordered from you his usual meal, but the only reason he came here was to see you. In every world he had been to, somehow, your job never changed, and he was thankful for that. Many of the workers here would glance at him, questioning why he was here, but he only smiled and then quickly left.

He learned early on that staying and staring at you led to an arguement at best, or a fight at worst, so he left before either of those could happen. Other people would be unsatisfied with just that, but he was grateful. After all, you were alive, happy, and healthy, what more could anyone ask for? He noticed your boyfriend was glancing at him, and knew that as his cue to leave. Standing from his seat, he placed the money for his food on the table, and walked out the door.

He welcomed the fresh air that greeted him and walked down the street, brushing past the people who walked near him, ignoring everything around him. Today was the 23rd of August, and in a few days time, he knew that the world would begin its 'Life or Death' game that played whenever he existed in a world, as was its usual routine. So he began his usual routine as well, seeing you and eating a wonderful sundae. If he saw you then he knew there was only one action he should take, and he hoped, like in the few worlds where you existed, that your boyfriend would take care of you, make you happier than you had ever been...happier than the world where you and him met.

His feet had arrived at his destination, Ukyo didn't need to look, it was his usual spot where he came on nights like this. He stood at the top of the building, staring down at the cars driving past. He always felt scared from this height, not because of the height itself, but because of the pain that would come to him soon.

'Why are you doing this? For that girl? You've sacrificed more than she has in any of her lives! She should be here! Drag her here an-'

Ukyo shaked his head. He hated those thoughts, they never stopped suggesting such awful things. But...he knew they would come again. After he jumped, he would wake up in another world, watch you fall in love with another man, and then one of you would die once again, the usual routine. It was a sick, twisted cycle, one that he started!

'And yet,' he thought as he leaned forward. 'I wouldn't change it for anything...if she could smile for eternity.'

As he fell, a calm, serene smile appeared on his face, knowing that he would soon see your smiling face, and that would make it all worthwhile.

Fanfic: My Rainbow Girl Chapter 2: Flynn
Pairing: ReaderxFlynn
Warning: Possible OOC
Rating: 13
Disclaimer: I do not own the song Rainbow Girl, or any anime, mangas, videogames.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Flynn sighed, that question was starting to really annoy him. Don't get him wrong, it was nice to have friends who cared enough to try and help him, but considering the reason why he was currently depressed, it would be more likely said friends would get him sent straight to an asylum. So he lied and said he was fine, like he had done whenever someone asked, and walked away. If it was anyone else acting like this, then he would probably do what his friends were doing and try to help, but it was himself who saw the girl in the screen. Not Yuri, not Estelle, him. Of course, at first he thought he was going crazy himself, because who saw, heard, and tried to talk to a floating screen? No one, no one but Flynn, and it terrified the man.

When he first saw the screen he had asked someone walking nearby if they could see it too, and they reacted the way any sane person would react at such a question- they ran. At first he was terrified, wondering what was going on, if he had possibly gone insane overnight. He didn't know if it was less or more terrifying that she wouldn't respond when he talked to her, but he did, somehow, manage to get used to you. And he soon became attached to you. He got used to you telling snarky jokes about his rivals, telling him solutions to the problems he currently had, and being (surprisingly) pleasant company. And even sooner, he came to love you. You giggled at his jokes, complimented his abilities, and tried to cheer him up when he was despairing over a shocking event, all which made him adore you.

But Flynn had realized something, he could see you, hear you, and laugh at your jokes, yet you could only hear certain things he said. When he tried to talk to you, you couldn't hear him, when he asked you how your day was, you ignored him, when he asked you what was your favorite meal, you merely blinked, and when he told you he loved you, you didn't react. That screen could somehow block you from hearing him, touching him, it was blocking you from the most simple ways of life, keeping you as it's prisoner. So he dealt with it like you would deal with any criminal, he fought it, and when you were free, he would make sure it would never do this ever again.

The battle was one-sided though, every time he struck the screen it merely flickered, and then recovered as if it had never been attacked. But he didn't give up, he wouldn't give up, he started attacking more furiously, not giving it a chance to rest and recover, and he soon charged up all his power for a final attack. He charged straight at the screen, and slashed furiously at it, and slowly it began to disappear. Was he winning? Finally, he struck the final blow, and the screen crashed into a nearby tree, damaged and crackling. Flynn breathed, worn out from the battle, but then he noticed something move behind the tree, a person...It was Yuri, and he had seen everything.

"Flynn?" He stared at him, like he couldn't recognize who was in front of him.

The blond sighed, knowing that he couldn't just pretend nothing happened. After all from Yuri's point of view Flynn just attacked thin air! But what could he say? 'I'm pissed off that a floating screen, that only I see by the way, has the most amazing girl trapped inside it and I wanted to free her the only way I thought I could, by kicking its ass' ...Yeah, completely plausible, and not at all insane. He tried to walk past the man, but the the raven grabbed his arm. Flynn tried to pull away, but Yuri wasn't easing his grip.

"What's going on?" The vigilante asked, staring straight into his eyes. Flynn knew that Yuri wouldn't back down from this, but something else had caught his eye. The screen was gone. He shook his arm out of Yuri's grip, and immediately looked around the tree. Yuri stared as Flynn searched around the tree, looking for something, before he eventually stood still, staring at the foot of the tree. He stared intensely, almost as if willing the screen to reappear, but sadly it wouldn't come back. Flynn stared in disbelief, i-it couldn't get away so fast, could it?

"DAMN IT!!!" he screamed, shocking his friend and scaring of some birds from the nearby trees. Flynn then began punching the tree as hard as he could.

Flynn ignored the pain and continued punching the tree, each hit breaking away parts of the bark. That thing had escaped, it had escaped with the girl he loved, and he didn't know when they would come back. Eventually, he stopped hitting the tree and just collapsed, too worn out physically and mentally to even stand. Yuri ran over to him and tried shaking him awake, yelling his name. But it was no use, his friend was unconscious, so he pulled his friend up from the ground, and carried him back to camp. Then, hopefully, they would find out what was troubling him...

Fanfic: My Rainbow Girl Chapter 1
Pairing: ReaderxAnyone
Inspired by: Rainbow Girl by Vocaloids
Rating: 13+
Disclaimer: I do not own the song Rainbow Girl, or any anime, mangas, videogames.

Now, if anyone had asked him about the existence of star-crossed lovers about a couple of months ago, he would have laughed. He would have smirked and told them there was no such thing, after all if the couple really loved each other then nothing should be a problem for them, be it controlling parents, being countries apart, or even a giant wall. But...this was a complete and total exception.

The girl he loved was kind, a bit hyper, and she was creative. He saw her multiple drawings, and all of them were a masterpiece to him. Sure, she was too obsessed with the games she played, and the shows she watched, but he wouldn't have her any other way. But she was whole worlds apart from him. He couldn't touch you, couldn't hold you, couldn't feel you! All he could do was watch you.

"I wish you were real..."

Oh, he was real darling. He was as real as the hair on your head, the tears down your cheeks, and the clothes that you wore. He just existed in another world, a world cruel enough to show your face from day to night, a world that would show you so many adventures that could only be seen through a screen, not felt with your heart, mind, and body, a world where you fell in love with characters that were dismissed as 'fictional beings', yet he fell just as hard for you, as you had for him. And he could do nothing but watch as you turned off the machine that allowed him to see you.

He sighed as your face slowly disappered. He knew that was a sign he should go to sleep now, but he couldn't help but hope you would come back soon. He loved you so much he would do anything, anything, just to talk to you! But all he could do was sleep, and wait till you came back. Wait for your voice to come wake him from his sleep, and see your smiling face looking at him from beyond the screen.

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